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GIANT MCR 2 c1997
Seat Tube (ctt): 18in (46cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 21in (53cm)
Rear dropout width: 130mm
Wheel size: 700C
Frame tubing: carbon-fibre monococque
Seatpost size: 27.2mm
The Giant MCR designed by Mike Burrows was introduced in 1997. This one is an MCR 2 equipped with Shimano 6400 600 Ultegra throughout. The MCR was built just in one size and the frames were identical on all models. Mike exploited all his knowledge to build a superbly aero bike for time trialling. They were built in really quite small quantities. £1295


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Seat Tube (ctt): 24in (61cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 22in (56cm)
This Fred Dean road frame built from Prugnat lugs is thought to date from around 1961. Fred Dean frames were built by a number of framebuilders – Tom Board I know built some (I was in his workshop on one occasion when one was brought in for repair), Bill Gray, Brian Packer and I suspect others too. The standard of construction is really very nice. I think this may have been built by Brian Packer as it has a cureved rear brake bridge though I would not be certain as the seatstay wrapover caps are similar to those used by Wally Green… There’s more information on Fred Dean at
This bike is equipped with Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs front and rear, Weinmann 999 centre-pull brakes, Stronglight 49D chainset with TA adaptor chainrings, GB bars and stem and Milremo large flange hubs with Weinmann Alesa 27in rims. Its in very good original condition. £945


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ZEUS ROAD BIKE c1979 54cm
Seat Tube (ctc): 54cm (21.25in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Zeus are best know for their range of high end bike componentry but they also built some beautiful frames… This bike is really very exceptional with first gen Zeus 2000 componentry throughout except for the front derailleur. The seat post and chainsets are both tour de forces – just take a look at the milling… £1145

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Europe: £45
North America: £155
Rest of world: £175

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