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Campagnolo Cassettes See below!
Shimano Cassettes

This page is only for Campagnolo compatible cassettes.

Campagnolo cassettes are are available in 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed types. There are two types of Campag 8-speed cassette – Exa-Drive and standard. The Exa-Drive cassette have one spline wider than the others and will fit both standard and Exa-Drive 8-spd hubs. The standard Campag 8-spd cassetts have equal width splines and will only fit the early standard 8-spd Campag hubs.

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PLEASE NOTE that you get exactly what is in the pictures, not more or less unless specified differently in the text.



8spd Non EXA-DRIVE ONLY FIT NON EXA-DRIVE REAR hubs with all equal size splines

no lock ringSlightly used SOLD but I do have some Campag 8spd cassettes available; please enquire


8spd EXA-DRIVE will fit both Exa-Drive and non Exa-Drive 8spd hubs

CAE8-2A CAMPAGNOLO RECORD EXA-DRIVE 8spd 12–23T Lightly used £24


CAE8-2B CAMPAGNOLO RECORD EXA-DRIVE 8spd 12–23T Lightly used £24


CAE8-2C CAMPAGNOLO RECORD EXA-DRIVE 8spd 12–23T Lightly used £24


CAE8-2D CAMPAGNOLO RECORD EXA-DRIVE 8spd 12–23T Lightly used £24


CAE8-3 CAMPAGNOLO EXA-DRIVE 8spd 13–23T ** New Old Stock** £36


CAE8-3B CAMPAGNOLO RECORD EXA-DRIVE 8spd 13–23T Lightly used £24



9spd Campag

CA9-1 CAMPAGNOLO RECORD 9spd 12–21T As new £34


10spd Campag

CA10-2 CAMPAGNOLO 10spd 12–25T Four largest sprockets are titanium Excellent £49


CA10-3 CAMPAGNOLO 10spd 12–23T Excellent £35



Shipping costs:

UK: £4
Europe: £8
North America: £11
Rest of World: £14

The figures above are
estimates,rates may change in
special circimstances.
Contact us for more info.

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