Chainrings: 3-Arm

151mm BCD
Pre-1967 Campag road, Pre-1972 Campag track, Williams
AB77 adaptor, early Shimano Dura-Ace travk, early Sugino track

144mm BCD:
Other brands
Most Campag Road 1967–86, Campag track 1972 onwards,
most Shimano and Sugino track, SR Royal, Suntour Superbe & Cyclone pre-1987 and lots of recent track cranks such as Andel

135mm BCD
Most Campag road 1986 onwards

130mm BCD
Most Shimano road (not RSX), Suntour road, Stronglight 300 and many other recent road double chainsets

122mm BCD
Stronglight 57, 63, 93, 103, 104, 105

86mm BCD
Stronglight 80, 99, 100

TA 5pin Cyclotourist Chainrings
Fit Stronglight 49D, BSA, Williams 5-pin, Sugino PX, early Shimano Deore and most steel 5pin cottered cranks

TA Other Chainrings
TA Randonneur and Criterium

3-Arm Chainrings
Mostly 116mm BCD for Stronglight TS, TA 3-Arm and many continental 3-arm steel chainsets

Campagnolo Other
116mm BCD Victory, Triomphe,Campagnolo Sport/Gran Sport 3-arm, Inner Campag Record triple etc`

Zeus, SR RG series (118mm), Nervar etc`

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3-ARM Chainrings with 116mm BCD
TA 3-Arm, Stronglight TS and many continental steel 3-arm cranks with suitable bolts Available as small as 36T
Can be used as single, doubles or triples with the correct bolts on some cranks

THC-1A TA 3-ARM 52T 3/32in 116mm BCD ** New Old Stock** £32


THC-1B STRONGLIGHT 3-ARM 52T 3/32in 116mm BCD Very good to excellent £23


THC-1D TA 3-ARM 52T 3/32in 116mm BCD can have a Criterium or inner adaptor ring mounted as an inner ring ** New Old Stock** £32


THC-1E SHIMANO 600 1st TYPE 52T 3/32in 95mm BCD Very good £20


THC-3 STRONGLIGHT 50T 3/32in 116mm BCD Excellent £26


THC-3A TA 50T 3/32in 116mm BCD ** New Old Stock** £28


THC-4A TA 49T 3/32in 116mm BCD ** New Old Stock** £32


THC-6 TA 47T 3/32in can have a Criterium or inner adaptor ring mounted as an inner ring 116mm BCD ** New Old Stock** £32


THC-9 TA 44T 3/32in 116mm BCD ** New Old Stock** £32


THC-9A TA 44T 3/32in116mm BCD ** New Old Stock** £32



THC-20 CAMPAGNOLO SPORT 52/42T 3/32in 116mm BCD Excellent £39


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North America: £10
Rest of World: £12

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