Two, Three and Four Speed Freewheels

These were fitted to bikes from the 1920s through to the late 1960s. Some replacement freewheels were manufactured up until I think the 1980s… Two and three speed freewheels were originally just for 1/8in chain; some of the more recently made replacements have 3/32in sprockets. Four speed freewheels were made in in both 1/8in and 3/32in versions and some gears notably Simplex and Huret were specific to the chain type. Often 4spd 1/8in gears can be used with 5spd 3/32in freewheels which are aprroximately the same width as 4spd 1/8in. However freewheel widths were not standardised back in the day… Its often possible to use a 5spd 3/32in freewheel with top sprocket removed in a 4spd 3/32in system…

Freewheels are fitted to threaded hubs – and should not be confused with cassettes which normally fit on splines.

All freewheels are English/Italian threaded unless stated otherwise – English and Italian freewheel threads are to all intents and purposes interchangeable.

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2, 3 and 4 speed see below!
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2spd 1/8in FREEWHEELS

Sorry none at present


3spd 1/8in FREEWHEELS

FW3-2 MOYNE 14–17T 1/8in Good £22



4spd 1/8in FREEWHEELS

FW4-2 REGINA 16–22T 1/8in ** New Old Stock** £55


FW4-3 SIMPLEX 17–20T 1/8in Very good £29


4spd 3/32in FREEWHEELS

FW4-10 CYCLO FRANCE 14–18T 3/32in FRENCH THREADS ** New Old Stock** £45


FW4-11 CYCLO FRANCE 14–17T 3/32in FRENCH THREADS lightly used £30




FW4-13 EVEREST ALUMINIUM 14–20T 3/32in ** New Old Stock** £79

Please select a category in the sub-menu below…

2, 3 and 4 speed see above!
5 speed

6 speed
7 & 8 speed

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Europe: £9
North America: £12
Rest of World: £16

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