Handlebars: 25.4mm or smaller clamp

Handlebars for older style quill stems come with different centre sleeve diameters – this should be matched to the clamp diameter of the stem. Common centre sleeve diameters are 26.4mm (most Cinelli pre-1995), 26.0mm (3TTT, Mavic, some ITM, some Nitto) and 25.4mm (SR, GB, some Nitto and ITM)

Please note that older aluminium bars should be checked carefully and frequently for cracks especially if there is scoring on or near the clamp area.

For other sizes of handlebars:

26.4mm Clamp ∅

25.4mm and smaller Clamp ∅

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25.4mm Bar Clamp Diameter
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GB BARS 25.4mm clamp diameter HB73–79

Sorry none at present



OTHER MAKES 25.4mm clamp diameter HB80–

HB82 BELLERI 40cm ctc Faint engraving very good to excellent £24


HB91 ITM ALLROUNDER 54cm Very good £21


HB93 ITM SUPER EUROPA 2 ANATOMIC 40.5cm wide ctc very good £25


HB96 HUMPERT MULTIPOSITION 54cm wide outer to outer very good ideal for some city/touring applications £18


HB97 3TTT PROMENADE 57cm ** New Old Stock** £39


HB97A 3TTT PROMENADE 58cm ** New Old Stock** £39


HB98 BRICK LANE BIKES LO PRO 38.5cm ctc Very good £25


HB102 SR ROAD CHAMPION 42cm ctc Excellent SOLD but have other similar ones available

26.4mm Clamp ∅
26.0mm Clamp ∅
25.4mm & smaller Clamp ∅

Shipping costs:

UK: £6
Europe: £9
North America: £12
Rest of World: £16

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estimates,rates may change in
special circumstances.
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