26in RIMS

All rims listed on this page are for clincher (wired-on tyres). There are quite a number of commonly used 26in rims.
MTBs use 559mm BSD (Bead seat diameter) rims.
Lo-pro bikes often use
650C front wheels, these have a 571mm BSD.
Old French touring bikes frequently use
650B (26 x 1 1/2in) rims with a 584mm BSD.
650A (26 x 1 3/8in) (590mm BSD) rims were used on some English clubman's machines and on light roadsters.
26 x 1 1/4in (597mm BSD) rims were common on older English road and clubmans machines from the 1920s until the 1950s and a few later frames especially smaller ones.

All rims are shipped in purpose made boxes with bubble wrap packing. The cost of this is included in the shipping costs.


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26 x 1 1/4in Clincher Rims (597mm BSD)

WEINMANN 36H 26 x 1 1/4in RIMS Green lane Cycle Store build decals Excellent £55


WEINMANN ALESA 36H 26x11/4 Clincher rims 597mm BSD made in virtually identical form from the 1940s through to the 1980s ** New Old Stock** £65



Sorry none at present



650C/26in Clincher rims as used on the front wheels of some lo-pro bikes (571mm BSD)

MAVIC CXP21 650C 28H CLINCHER RIMS ** New Old Stock** £35 each


ALEX RIMS DR13 36H 650C clincher rims ** New Old Stock** £35 each


26in MTB Clincher rims (559mm BSD)

RIGIDA slight bronze colour to anodizing ** New Old Stock** 36H £30

Shipping costs:

UK: £12
Europe: £30
North America: £50
Rest of the World: £62

The figures above are
estimates, rates may change in
special circimstances.
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