Sprint rims are for use with tubular tyres which are either stuck on with glue or tape. Almost all are equivalent to 700C rims in size; there are some other sizes available which these days are most commonly used for the front wheel of lo-pro or stayer frames. All rims listed here are 700C (which have confusingly been called 27in sometimes) in size unless otherwise specified. I have a selection of 24in and 26in sprint rims not listed; please enquire if interested.

All rims are shipped in purpose made boxes with bubble wrap packing. The cost of this is included in the shipping costs.

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Please contact me at: hilarystone@hilarystone.com to check on availability and confirm shipping cost.

700/27in SPRINT RIMS for Tubular Tyres

36H SPRINT RIMS for Tubular Tyres

RMS1 MAVIC PISTA SPRINT RIMS 36H one is** New Old Stock**, one lightly used with light brake mark which will I think mostly polish out. Ribbed tyre mounting surface for more secure tyre mounting and greater offset on spoke holes for greater wheel strength Really very special £125


RMS2 UKAI WOOD FILLED SPRINT RIMS 36H ** New Old Stock** few storage marks very rare and as with all wood filled rims very light £95


RMS6 AVA SPRINT RIMS 36H ** New Old Stock** £65


RMS6A AVA SPRINT RIMS 36H Very good to excellent £35


RMS8 CAMPAGNOLO RECORD STRADA SPRINT RIMS 36H one rim has some brake wear £65





32H SPRINT RIMS for Tubular Tyres

RMS27 NISI COUNTACH SPRINT RIMS 32H very lightly used one of the toughest sprint rims £75


28H SPRINT RIMS for Tubular Tyres

RMS43 AVA SPRINT RIMS 28H Very good to excellent £39


RMS45 SUPER CHAMPION COMPETITION SPRINT RIMS 28H Excellent one is missing the decal £49


RMS46 NISI SPRINT RIMS 28H ** New Old Stock** £79



26in (650) SPRINT RIMS for tubular tyres as used on the front wheel of some lo-pro frames

Sorry none at present listed, please enquire.


24in SPRINT RIMS for tubular tyres as used on the front wheel of some lo-pro frames and Stayer frames

RMS24-1 WOLBER PROFIL 18 32H 24in sprint rim ** New Old Stock** £35



700/26in (650C)

RMS76-2 NISI SPRINT RIMS 700C rear, 26in (650C) front 36H ** New Old Stock** £95




RMS74-1 WOLBER PROFIL 18 700C rear, 24in front 32H Rear is slightly used, front is ** New Old Stock**really nice rimsthat build easily and are strong £125

Shipping costs:

UK: £12
Europe: £30
North America: £50
Rest of the World: £62

The figures above are
estimates, rates may change in
special circimstances.
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