Handlebar Stems 26.0mm Clamp Diameter

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PLEASE NOTE I have reorganised this page putting all the 3TTT stems in one section in order to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. Theresult is that many stems have been given new product numbers – do not worry that the number in the photo does not match that of the description, the stem will be the same one as in the photo…

Quill stems come with different clamp diameters and occasionally different quill diameters.

We measure stems centre to centre across the top – this does not always correspond with the manufascturer's markings.

Common clamp diameters are 25.4 (GB, most Cinelli steel, SR, many French, some Nitto and ITM) 26.4mm (Cinelli aluminium pre-1995 and some Cinelli steel), 26.0mm (3TTT, Mavic, some ITM, some Nitto, post 1995 Cinelli).

I personally think you can use 26.4mm clamp stems with 26.0mm clamp bars but the official recommendation is that 26.4mm stems should be used with 26.4mm bars and 26.0mm stems should be used with 26.0mm bars.

Please contact me at: hilarystone@hilarystone.com to check on availability and confirm shipping cost.

3TTT STEMS 26.0mm clamp diameter
6–10cm long

ST31 3TTT BLACK 8cm 26.0mm clamp diameter Anodising generally excellent apart from insertion mark, slight corrosion to fittings £28


ST37 3TTT 9.5cm MILLED 26.0mm clamp diameter Some scratches and a rub mark on one side £29


ST39 3TTT 9.5cm 26.0mm clamp diameter Very good £24


ST41 3TTT RECORD 84 10cm 26.0mm clamp diameter ** New Old Stock** NIB £45


ST42 3TTT BRONZE ANODISED 10cm Excellent a few small marks, no plug £30



3TTT STEMS 26.0mm clamp diameter
10.5cm–12cm long

ST43 3TTT 10.5cm lots of fine marks £24


ST44 3TTT 11cm Good couple of scrapes £24


ST45 3TTT 11.5cm Clean and bright very good to excellent £29


ST45A 3TTT 11cm very good £26


ST46 3TTT 11.5cm Excellent £33


ST46A 3TTT 11.5cm Excellent £33


ST48 3TTT PISTA TRACK 11cm Excellent near mint £85


ST49 3TTT MUTANT BLACK 12cm ** New Old Stock** £45


ST50 3TTT 12cm Excellent £33


ST51 3TTT ENGRAVED F MOSER 12cm 26.0mm clamp diameter Excellent some anodising loss on insertion of quill and few small marks £55


ST53 3TTT 11.5cm 26.0mm clamp diameter Very good to excellent £25



ST60 3TTT BLACK 11cm Excellent but missing plug £26




ST63A 3TTT 12cm BRONZE ANODISING Excellent £33


ST64A 3TTT 12cm Excellent apart from small mark to front of clamp £27



3TTT STEMS 26.0mm clamp diameter
12.5cm and longer

ST34 3TTT 13cm Very good £21


ST65 3TTT 13.5cm EDDY MERCKX ENGRAVED deepish rub marks on quill and extension £39


ST67 3TTT 13cm some small marks and scarring to top of clamp £23


ST67A 3TTT BLACK ANODISED 13cm Excellent £33


ST67B 3TTT 13cm quite a few marks £24


ST68 3TTT RECORD 84 Anodised 13cm ** New Old Stock** £49


ST69 3TTT 13.5cm Excellent £33


ST70 3TTT DE ROSA ENGRAVED 13.5cm missing front plastic piece £45


ST71 3TTT 14cm quite a lot of fine marks £26



OTHER MAKES OF STEMS 26.0mm Clamp diameter

ST75 FIAMME MONTREAL 10cm 1960s 26.0mm clamp diameter some pitting but will improve with careful polishing £19




ST77A PROFILE STEEL 9.5cm Plating a bit rough £17


ST77 ITM ECLYPSE 10cm Excellent £26




OTHER MAKES OF STEMS 26.0mm Clamp diameter

ST59 MODOLO 12cm 26.0mm clamp diameter ** New Old Stock** £39


ST62 FIAMME MONTREAL 11cm 1970s rare stem Excellent £35


ST64 FIAMME MONTREAL 11cm 1970s needs very good polish but a rare stem £16


ST84 GB RTE 10.5cm Excellent looks unused £45


ST85 ITM BLACK ANODISED 11cm Excellent £29


ST86 ITM BLACK ANODISED 11cm Excellent £29



ST87 ITM BLACK FONTANA ENGRAVED 11.5cm 26.0mm clamp diameter Excellent £49


ST88 SHIMANO 600 ULTEGRA 12cm ** New Old Stock** £55



OTHER MAKES OF STEMS 26.0mm Clamp diameter
12.5cm and longer

ST66 SIGMA/VENOM STEEL 12.5cm no plug very light with ultra short expander bolt Excellent looks unused £34


ST91 ITM 13cm Excellent slightly worn graphics £25


ST92 ITM 13cm Excellent £29


ST93 FIAMME 12.5cm a bit dull £33


ST95 MODOLO 12.5cm STEM with two part clamp Excellent almost unused £33

Shipping costs:

UK: £4
Europe: £8
North America: £10
Worldwide: £14

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