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Bottom Brackets
Most British made frames use standard English BB threads (1.37in x 24tpi) with a nominal 68mm wide BB shell.

Raleigh frames used their BB thread size (1 3/8in x 26tpi) with a slightly wider BB shell (70mm) in all their frames until the 1960s and all but their high end frames until the 1980s. Raleigh threaded BBs can be converted to take standard English threaded cups with careful use of the correct BB taps and facing cutters to reduce the width to the standard 68mm.

Some frames were built with Chater-Lea bottom bracket shells which take cups with larger 1 7/16in x 26tpi threads and using 5/16in ball bearings. Most older tandems also use cups with these dimensions. And most pre-WWII and early post- WWII Carltons also use these BB cup dimensions. Chater-Lea also made cups and BB axles for standard English threaded BBs after WWII which should not be confused with ones with the oversize dimensions.

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CCBB10 Campagnolo Bottom Bracket Hollow Axle for cottered cranks for 68mm BB shell Cotter centres 110mm for continental double chainsets Excellent very slightly used £95


CCBB12 Agrati Bottom Bracket Hollow Axle for cottered cranks hollow centres for 70mm BB shell Cotter centres 115mm for continental double chainsets ** New Old Stock** £35

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UK: £4
Europe: £7
North America: £10
Rest of World: £12

Bottom Brackets
UK: £4
Europe: £7
North America: £10
Rest of World: £12

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