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Double Chainring Sets

CCR2 SUPER CHAMPION BRONZE 50/47T 3/32in CHAINRING SET to fit standard Continental 116mm BCD 3-arm cranks exceptionally rare and in very useable condition £125


CCR7 CYCLO ALUMINIUM DOUBLE RING SET 51/47T 3/32in to fit 5-pin cranks Excellent £35



Chater-Lea (116mm BCD)

CCR11 CHATER-LEA 50T 1/8in slightly worn & pitted chrome will suit bike with patina £20


CCR11A CHATER-LEA 50T 1/8in ** New Old Stock** Mint £49





Continental Chainrings (116mm BCD)




Williams C1200 116mm BCD Chainrings


Sorry none at present


Williams to fit C34, C1000 (88.9mm BCD)
Williams cranks were very widely used on top quality English road bikes from the 1920s through to the late 1950s. The rings come with two different fitting type – the Sleeve type was introduced in the 1950s consisted of a nut and bolt with built-in sleeve hence the name. With the correct bolts its possible to make a double chainset. The other fitting consists of a short bolt with square head that screws through the crank arm into the rear of the chainring – this is known as the screw fitting. Available in ring sizes down to 32T.

CCR42 WILLIAMS 51T 3/32in sleeve fitting slightly used £26


CCR43 WILLIAMS 50T 1/8in sleeve fitting Excellent £26


CCR43A WILLIAMS 50T 1/8in for screw fitting (can be drilled out for sleeve fitting bolts) ** New Old Stock** some surface shopwear scratches £24


CCR43B WILLIAMS 50T 1/8in sleeve fitting Excellent £26


CCR44 WILLIAMS 49T 1/8in sleeve fitting Very good to excellent £23


CCR45 WILLIAMS 48T 1/8in bolt fitting lightly used, slightly worn chrome £20


CCR45B WILLIAMS 48T 1/8in screw fitting Very good to excellent £23


CCR45D WILLIAMS 48T 1/8in sleeve fitting ** New Old Stock** £30


CCR47 WILLIAMS 46T 1/8in sleeve fitting ** New Old Stock** £30


CCR47C WILLIAMS 46T 1/8in sleeve fitting has had extra set of holes drilled otherwise very good £24


CCR53 WILLIAMS 40T 1/8in sleeve fitting ** New Old Stock** £32


CCR57A WILLIAMS 40T 3/32in sleeve fitting ** New Old Stock** £32



5-Pin Chainrings (to fit BSA, Williams 5-pin and most Continental 5-pin cranks)

CCR77 WILLIAMS 5-PIN 28T x 3/16in 5pin chainring Slightly used £48


CCR78 WILLIAMS 25T x 3/16in 5pin chainring ** New Old Stock** £65


CCR79 Williams 23T x 3/16in lightly used £39



Other Chainrings

STRONGLIGHT 46T 3/32in CHAINRING early type to fit Stronglight 57 chainset £35


RALEIGH 46T 1/8in CHAINWHEEL fits some 1930s Raleigh chainsets ** New Old Stock**surface shopwear scratches £20

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Europe: £7
North America: £10
Rest of World: £12

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