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Hilarystone.com is devoted to older classic and vintage race, road, track, lo-pro, time trial and touring bikes, frames and parts to fit.

I also aim to keep in stock some basic parts for fixed gear and track riding – chainsets with bottom brackets to match, suitable pedals, bars etc

My main stock is lugged or fillet brazed steel frames, tig-welded ones and even aluminium and carbon-fibre frames too if I think they are interesting. And from most periods – as far back as the early 20th century though most of what I sell will be from the 1950s through to the 1980s.

Please note I am not in every day of the week; there will be times when I am away buying stock. I will endeavour to contact within 48 hours of your enquiry.

FOR HOW TO BUY PLEASE click on the Contact page (and read it!) which explains how our business is run, payment methods, shipping and importantly our conditions of sale. Please note items returned under the Distance Selling Regulations which are not faulty or damaged will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.

All enquires are welcome to:

Please include the following information in your enquiry:
Your name...
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The address to which to post to...
Prefered payment method...

I will then send you an invoice with all the details you need in order to make a payment and complete the sale. I CANNOT take credit or debit cards directly.

ONE FINAL POINT – once I have sent the invoice, the order is only valid for 24 hours unless it is paid or clear arrangements have been agreed. I have had several cases recently where somebody has ordered an item, and paid a week or so later expecting it to be still available.

Most pages list shipping charges on the top right-hand side…

If you're looking for something specific don't forget the search button at the top left hand of every page…

PLEASE NOTE that I can only value bicycles, frames or parts if photos are sent by email; there is a charge of £12. I can also research bikes and their makers – there is a minimum charge of £20 for this.

I am always keen to buy new stock – bicycles, frames or parts of the type on this website ie older classic racing and lightweight but NOT roadsters, shoppers or carrier bikes. Please contact me via email in the first instance.



22nd August Shimano brake pages have been updated – includes some lovely NOS 600 brake levers, Dura-Ace brakes and levers.
The 86mm BCD chainrings page has been given a large update filling in a lot of previous missing ring sizes.
English other makes & Shimano, Italian, French thread bottom bracket pages have all been given substantial updates.

23rd August The pedals pages and Classic Corner pedals pages have both been updated. There are some really nice Campag pedals NOS Record, Record SL and Chorus as well the really rather rare Super Record Pista and NOS Shimano 600 and Dura-Ace Aero.
And there are some rather special pedals amongst the Classic Corner – NOS Chater-Lea Sprint and Standard, NOS Allez, Roger Piel, Constrictor Asp & Boa NOS Lyotard MB23 and many more…
And I have added four new groupsets to the Groupsets page – a truly stunning NOS Shimano Dura-Ace AX, budget priced used Shimano 105, NOS 8spd Campagnolo Veloce and NOS 9spd Campagnolo Mirage.

24th August A fairly large update to Classic Corner handlebars has just been completed – it includes Cinelli steel, a good selection of 1930s bars, South of France bars, Ambrosio Champion, Titan Maes and many more…

27th August Updated Classic Corner hubs page – over 20 new pairs of hubs including NOS Campag Gran Sport, Harden Bacon Slicer, Hardens, Airlite, Gnutti, Chater-Lea and more

28th August A new page has been created for Campagnolo cassettes –at present mostly 8spd cassettes which are increasingly hard to find but also includes a few choice 9spd and 10spd cassettes… Shimano cassettes page will be updated in a couple of weeks time.
Just updated Classic Corner headset pages – some excellent headclip headsets, Brampton Continental and Alatet, Lytaloy, Stronglight incuding a V4, TDC, Campag 2nd gen, Gnutti and TA.
Next pages to be updated will be Classic Corner gears and chainrings.

31st August Both 144mm BCD chainring pages (Campagnolo and Other Makes) have received substantial updates and the other Campag rings page has had a few added…
Other Makes Brakes pages have been updated with some lovely brakesets and callipers – NOS Mafac Racer, Dia-Compe, Dia-Compe Aero, Mafac Competition, Mafac 2000, Weinmann 500 etc The levers are on the page, the pics will be uploaded later in the week.

1st September The Classic frames pages have been given a small update today – it includes an Ephgrave No1, Bates BAR, Bill Hurlow built Condor, two Major Nichols and a fancy lugged Don Farrell.

3rd September The Italian and Continental frames pages have been updated today with a few new frames including a Colnago Carbitubo, Cicli Moser, NOS Coppi Campionissimo, Gazelle AA, an interesting 1930s road frame and 40s Alcyon…

5th September A small update to the Cranksets and Single chainsets page and the Campag chainsets page – these include NOS Campag SR chainset, NOS Athena chainset and superb C-Record and Sport chainsets.
And a very big update to Classic Corner Gearsets – lots of fabulous gears – NOS Campagnolo Paris–Roubaix, choice of several different Super Champion Osgears, Simplex Standard, Huret Louison Bobet, Nivex, Cyclo Ace and lots more… Classic Corner gear shifters and front derailleur pages have also been updated – some rare gears Campag Sport, Simplex Cyclo etc

6th September Classic Corner rear gears page has been thoroughly upated – an excellent selection of Campag Gran Sport & Record rear gears (including NOS), excellent range of Simplex and Cyclo gears too…

11th September The Classic Corner rims page was been filled with lots of pre-1970s rims – Fiamme road & track sprints, Constrictor, Dunlop, Weinmann & lots more

14th September Have uploaded some really special parts on Classic Corner pages – a NOS 1960s Campag Gran Sport gear, NOS Campag Gran Sport front desailleur, Simplex 543/Juy-51 down tube shifter, NOS Blumfield large flange gear/fixed hubs, NOS large flange Campag gear Gran Sport hubs, Chater disc-adjusting hubs from the 1920s/30s, Campag Gran Sport 2nd type front derailleur, Simplex TDF 5spd gearset and more
And have uploaded lots of brake spares to the Spare Parts brakes page – includes lots of brake lever hoods – repro Campag, Shimano, Modolo, Galli, Vittoria. Lots of brake pads, and other spares too.
And finally a couple of Campag brakesets and SR levers too…

17th September Just updated Classic Corner Chainset and crankset pages – there are some real stunners – NOS Chater-Lea chainset, NOS Gnutti splined cotterless chainset, NOS Magistroni 5-pin track crankset, excellent Williams AB77 chainset, Stronglight 49A chainset.
And I have now uploaded some really interesting frames… a fabulous Rondinella, lovely early 50s Ephgrave No1, NOS Concorde SLX, E G Bates road track, George Longstaff 653, Emperor Sport Ishiwata 017, Tom Crowther, Mercian Classic, Holdsworth Mistral and more

18th September The Seatposts pages have received an enormous update (59 fresh seatposts!) with many NOS and used Campag seatposts and lots of other excellent posts.

20th September 700C and 27in Clincher rim pages have been updated – plenty of excellent rims including Campag Atlanta96, Mavic 217 Ceramic, Mavic E original, Super Champion 48H, Mavic MA40 32/40H and lots more
The Freewheels pages have also all been updated – there a few new Classic Corner freewheels and plenty of 5spd, 6spd and 7spd new freewheels including a few real rarities, a Campag 14–26T being one… And a couple of gold Dura-Ace ones from the 70s/early 80s as well.

23rd September Just uploaded a massive update to Classic Corner stems – there are 50 fresh ones including some excellent Major Taylor, Phillipe adjustable, Cinelli road & track, GB (including NOS), Titan, Pivo, Ambrosio, Thanet, Hobbs and lots more…

24th September Just completed a modest update to the Cinelli bars page – some rarities 1960s/70s 66 in mint condition, some beautiful 70s 63s and a lovely pair of LA84 lo-pro bars.

25th September Big update to the Wheels pages – lots of great 27in wheels, Campag 8spd cassette wheels, track wheels and lots more…

26th September CC Handlebars have been given a big updae and reorganisation. There are some beautiful handlebars – Cinelli track, near NOS Strata South of France, near NOS GB engraved map of Britain, NOS Titan and lots more to complement the Classic Corner stems uploaded earlier this week. And there's a small update to 26.0mm handlebars with ITM, Mavic and Profile lo-pro (cowhorn) bars and NOS Cinelli etc There's a great selection of 3TTT bars on this page too.
And I have just completed a major update to the books and Catalogue pages and added a page for magazines. Some excellent books, plenty of Campag catalogues, a Hetchins catalogue and some gorgeous Cycling magazine show issues from the early 1950s.

27th September The Tools page has been split into two pages and received a very substantial update. There are some excellent value for money Cyclus taps, Bottom bracket facing tools, wheel truing jigs and ots of extractors and removers plus lots more…

28th September Nice update to Classic Corner chainrings couple of NOS Chater-Lea, NOS Simplex race and tourist, lots of smaller NOS Willians 3arm and some 5pin rings…

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