Leather saddles (e.g. Brooks)

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Leather saddles Look Below!
Cinelli, Milremo, Arius & Saba saddles
Concor, Rolls & Turbo saddles
Other saddles


B17 These were the standard saddle of choice on medium to high end British bikes for more than sixty years. They came in two widths Standard and Narrow. And were very popular amongst Pro riders on the continent until the late 1970s…


B17 Standard
Sorry none at present


B17N (Narrow)
Sorry none at present


B17 Competition These were specific race orientated saddles without saddle bag loops and available in Standard and Narrow, the Narrow being the most common and were often seen with a Dressed Leather top.

Sorry none at present


Pro Introduced in 1963 the Pro was Brooks topsaddle with the very best leather hide. There are a number of different types with different sizes of rivet almost all being copper…

Black Pros

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LS4B BROOKS PRO BLACK with medium-large copper rivets ** New Old Stock** but a few small shop wear marks SOLD but have other similar


Brown Pros


We have some Brooks Pros not photographed yet, please enquire if interested



Other Brooks Saddles



IDEALE The largest and most well respected of French saddle makers.

Sorry none in stock at present




Leather saddles Look Above!
Cinelli, Milremo, Arius & Saba saddles
Concor, Rolls & Turbo saddles
Other saddles

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