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Seat Tube (ctc): 59cm (23.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 59cm (23.5in)
This bike has a 1970–71 Colnago frame which has been finished in Merckx-Fiat Team colours… It’s equipped with a Colnago Nuovo Record groupset from the 1970s with drilled chainrings and drilled brake callipers and levers… Its in excellent condition. I do wonder whether its an early Team bike refinished as a spare at the time of the Fiat sponsored team in the late 70s… POA


Seat Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Cinelli road frames are highly revered on account of their excellent quality and forward looking design. This Super Corsa frame dates from about 1957–9 – the head lugs have the forward projections on the side that were removed from the head lug design around 1959–60. This bike is an older restoration which I think uses all the original parts – it has Campagnolo Gran Sport rear gear and large flange Gran Sport hubs of the correct period, steel seatpost, Ideale 80 saddle, Cinelli steel bars and stem, no-name steel chainset with Simplex double rings and Universal Extra brakes. Rims are probably Nisi. £1945


Seat Tube (ctt): 24in (61cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 22in (56cm)
This Fred Dean road frame built from Prugnat lugs is thought to date from around 1961. Fred Dean frames were built by a number of framebuilders – Tom Board I know built some (I was in his workshop on one occasion when one was brought in for repair), Bill Gray, Brian Packer and I suspect others too. The standard of construction is really very nice. I think this may have been built by Brian Packer as it has a cureved rear brake bridge though I would not be certain as the seatstay wrapover caps are similar to those used by Wally Green… There’s more information on Fred Dean at
This bike is equipped with Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleurs front and rear, Weinmann 999 centre-pull brakes, Stronglight 49D chainset with TA adaptor chainrings, GB bars and stem and Milremo large flange hubs with Weinmann Alesa 27in rims. Its in very good original condition. £945


FAVOR ROAD BIKE c1927 53cm twin down tube
Seat Tube (ctc): 53cm (21in)
Top Tube (ctc): 57cm (22.25in)
Favor were a French bicycle company in business soon after the turn of the 20th century at least – and built a range of bikes including ones ridden in the Tour de France. This roadbike with double down tube I think dates from c1927. It is mostly original – the rear hub and rims are not – I think it would benefit from being put on wood sprints… £775



Seat Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
CMP were (are?) a very old established French cycle builder from Lyons – in the 1970s they started experimenting with building aluminium frames. Their first attempts were quite crude but in 1979 they launched a new aluminium frame design which was in reality the French equivalent of the Italian Alan – I think they were built in reasonable numbers – I have seen quite a number on my continental travels and seem to have been supplied to a number of French shops for them to be labelled as their own. See for more details.
This bike is built with Stronglight chainset, Simplex gears and seatpost, 3TTT bars and stem and CLB brakes and is in excellent condition with no cracks or other problems… Rather unusual. £545


Seat Tube (ctc): 49cm (19.25in)
Top Tube (ctc): 53cm (21in)
Galmozzi road bikes are really very special and this one with its heavily cut-out bottom bracket shell and drilled components is no exception. Galmozzi was very highly thought of as a framebuilder and all the ones I’ve seen have been beautifully built – to a much higher standard than most of the Italian builders. This bike has had its frame repainted fairly recently to a very good standard and is equipped with period correct Campagnolo Record components – the seatpost, chainrings, shifter levers and the Universal Super-68 brakes are drilled. A really beautiful and special classic Italian road bike. £1775


Seat Tube (ctc): 58cm (23in)
Top Tube (ctc): 57cm (22.5in)
Of all the Italian framebuilders (and there are lots) four stand out above the rest – Cinelli, Colnago, De Rosa and Masi. Masi built for many of the top professional riders and it is part because of this that his reputation is so strong. This Masi Prestige dates from about 1985 and is Italian built – some Masi frames were built in the USA during the 70s and early 80s… Its a very beautiful frame which I think is in its original paint – its in excellent condition. Its equipped with a mix of Campagnolo Nuovo Record and Super Record components though the brake levers are later C-Record. Bars and stem are Cinelli and the rims Mavic MA40 clincher – the rear one is almost new but the front one shows some wear. £1475


ZEUS ROAD BIKE c1979 54cm
Seat Tube (ctc): 54cm (21.25in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Zeus are best know for their range of high end bike componentry but they also built some beautiful frames… This bike is really very exceptional with first gen Zeus 2000 componentry throughout except for the front derailleur. The seat post and chainsets are both tour de forces – just take a look at the milling… £1145


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Seat Tube (ctc): 57cm (22.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 57cm (22.5in)
Ciöcc’s boss and head framebuilder was Giovanni Pelizzoli. Ciöcc was his nickname … local dialect for ‘poker faced’. Claudio Corti won the 1977 U23 Worlds on a Ciocc at San Cristobal, Venezuela, hence the name of their signature model. Giovanni Pelizzoli built many frames for top pro riders and is a very highly regarded framebuilder still –
This bike which I think dates from 1979 and is one of the last frames built before Pelizzoli sold the Ciöcc name. It is equipped with a Campagnolo Nuovo Record groupset with many special black anodised and pantographed parts… And hidden away is a Regina Titall freewheel. All these parts are very special but what makes it near to unique is its stunning original condition – both the parts and the frame and the frame has the Pelizzolli signature on the left side of the top tube. The number tag is apparently the frame number… Very, very special. £1695


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Seat Tube (ctt): 23in (58cm)
Top Tube (ctc): 23in (58cm)
Without Percy Stallard’s determination, energy, bloodymindedness and vision, it’s unlikely we would have road racing as we do today in Britain. With a great reduction in traffic on the road during the early war years Percy felt it was an ideal time to get massed start racing on the road going again and organised the first massed start race for forty years first race, the Llangollen–Wolverhampton on the 7th June 1942. Further events quickly followed and the Percy was a leading light in the formation of the BLRC (British League of Racing Cyclists). He also ran a bike shop in Wolverhampton and in 1945 frame production began with the Model A and Model B. This Model B dates from 1947 just before the introduction of the Monthlery model. It has had one owner from new – a copy of the original build record will be supplied and is in very good original condition. I think all the components are original with the possible exception of the chainset. It has a Simplex Champion du Monde rear gear, Williams chainset, Lyotard pedals, Blumfield Duralite small flange hubs on Dunlop LA rims, GB Hiduminium brakes and GB stem. £745


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Seat Tube (ctc): 52cm (20.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
The Freccia Colnagos are the frames that preceded the Super model introduced in late 1968 and are distingushed by the unusual seatstay caps. This one has has had Maffioletti decals applied at some time though the blue colour is correct for the Molteni Team in 1967 and 1968. It may well be that the Maffioletti decals were applied over the originals… I’d be very tempted to try and remove these. The fork crown without the drillings in the points tends to be an earlier feature but the drilled BB shell which is an unusual pattern is a later feature so its very difficult to be certain of an exact date… Its equipped with Campagnolo Record front and rear gears, Campagnolo Record seatpost, Record hubs and undated Record chainset. Brakes are Universal and rims Nisi. Handlebar and stem are early Cinelli non-anodised… An exceptionally rare bike POA


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Seat Tube (ctc): 56cm (22in)
Top Tube (ctc): 56cm (22in)
Somec was set up in the early 1970s with the sole object of building road frames. There’s more info available at:
This bike I think dates from 1984 or so. The frame built from Columbus SLX is beautifully detailed with Somec trademark Tulip cutouts to the lugs and beautiful slots to the head tube. It is I think in its original paint. Almost all the parts are Shimano Dura-Ace AX with the exception of the gear and brake levers which are Dura-Ace 7200. The correct Dura-Ace AX pedals will be supplied with the bike. Rims are Mavic SSC. Its in excellent lightly used condition with excellent paint and chrome – there is a small scrape but not dent to the top tube being the only mark of any consequence. Really rather special and ready to ride. £895


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Seat Tube (ctc): 54cm (21.25in)
Top Tube (ctc): 56cm (22in)
Campag’s Paris-Roubaix gear was used by Fausto Coppi to win the 1949 Paris–Roubaix race – the gear was named after his win. But shortly afterwards Campagnolo launched the Gran Sport rear derailleur which was to become very successful. It has an Italian leather saddle, Universal brakes, Titan bars and stem and what looks like a FB chainset. It is extremely original apart from the Titan bars and stem and is in beautiful patinated condition. I do not know anything about the framebuilder but its very interesting to note he he used the Cinelli fully sloping fork crown introduced around 1951. And he used some really unusual fancy shaped lugs which have been beautifully filed and brazed. A stunning and very unusual bike. £1395


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Seat Tube (ctc): 55cm (21.5in)
Top Tube (ctc): 58cm (23in)
Johnny Panel started his Le Chemineau gear in 1911 to bikes made in his own works. This gear could be used with two or three sprockets and which was to prove a favourite with French cycle tourists for the next twenty-five years but was virtually unknown outside France.
This partly complete Le Chemineau bike dates I think from the late 1920s/early 1930s. The frame is of gas welded construction and it has 650B wheels. The bike is missing handlebars and stem, brakes and the toggle chain for the gear. It seems to be in very sound condition and Khaki green colour paint is certainly the correct colour for Le Chemineau bikes. An extremely rare find even in France the Le Chemineau touring bikes were the Alex Singers and Rene Herse of their day being very highly regarded by French cyclotourists. £325

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