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Brooks changed the badge design on their saddles in around 1954 from an oval design to a trapezum shape. There are a few exceptions – mostly more recent Books saddles that have been recreations.

B17 These were the standard saddle of choice on medium to high end British bikes for more than sixty years. They came in two widths Standard and Narrow.

B17 Standard Oval Badge

CCL1A BROOKS B27 c1948–53 This is the wider model equal in width to the B17 Standard. The B27, B37, B47 and B57 models were introduced by Brooks about 1950 with an aluminium cantleplate and stainless steel rails Lots of fine cracks in leather essentially excellent saddle with good shape etc £125



B17 Narrow (B17N) Oval Badge

Please click on image above to get a large image with views from both sides of the saddle
CCL2B BROOKS B17N Brown Oval badge some chunks have been taken out of the top but still a good riding saddle SOLD Please ask about similar saddles



B17 Standard Trapezium Badge

Sorry none at present



B17 Narrow (B17N) Trapezium Badge

CCL4 BROOKS B17N late 50s/1960s very good £45


CCL4B BROOKS B17N late 50s/1960s heavily modded with curved cantleplate and tightly trimmed added perforations to skirt very good £45


B17 Swallow
Introduced in late 1935 this design was continued through to the late 1960s. Despite looking extra narrow it is the same width as a B17N. Brooks revived the Swallow design first in the 1980s with several recreations…

CCL5B BROOKS B17 SWALLOW 1950s/60s stitching has started to split on wire underneath but generally very good and rideable £95




B17F, B17 Specials and B17 Competition
These were specific race orientated saddles without saddle bag loops. The B17 Competition repaced the B17F and Specials in 1955, often seen with a Dressed Leather top.

Sorry none at present



B17 Sprinter
Made for track use from the 1920s onwards and the narrowest of all the designs, sometimes seen with incongrous saddle bag loops…

Please click on image above to get a large image with views from both sides of the saddle
CCL7 BROOKS B17 SPRINTER has been fitted with new top and larger rivets Excellent proper saddle leather £125


B17 Flyer
Midway in width between a Narrow and a Sprinter it was originally marketed as a saddle for massed-start racing. Intoduced in 1936 and dropped from the range in the early 1960s, always quite a rare saddle.


Sorry none at present


Introduced in 1963 the Pro was Brooks top saddle with the very best leather hide. There are a number of different types with different sizes of rivet almost all being copper…



Produced in Standard, Narrow, Flyer, Swallow versions with a slightly lower grade of hide leather than the B17s

CCL12 BROOKS B15N Early 1960s quite unusual narrow version of the B15 in very good to excellent condition. £55




CCL11 IDEALE MODEL 90 with swinging cantleplate rare and popular with French cyclotourists and randonneurs not sagged and with only some small marks £125


The main rival to Brooks with a large variety of designs.

Please click on image above to get a large image with views from both sides of the saddle


CCL17 MANSFIELD NORTH ROAD 1930s–50s with aluminium girder rails not the correct clamp but looks like it should work leather has quite a number of marks and is missing the metal inserts for the bag loops but a really rare saddle £95



This was the first of the modern plastic saddles and was I think introduced around 1959–60. Cino Cinelli was approached by Tommaso Nieddu of Turin, (founder of Vittoria derailleur company) to propose a collaboration on the production of a new plastic saddle, the Unica-Nitor. They consult with Giotto Cinelli who by then had many years of experience with the injection molding of plastics. Cino enters into partnership with Nieddu in 1962. First version has square-section steel rails and a dedicated steel seatpost later replaced with a conventional round-section steel rail version for use with conventional seat posts. The early saddles are marked Unica Nitor. I am not sure when the Cinelli name was added and when they became Unicanitor. Initially they had nose-tension bolt like leather saddles, this was dropped I think in the late 60s… And new models with padding and a leather top were introduced in the late 60s. Despite looking uncomfortable most riders find them very comfortable.

CCL16A UNICA NITOR SADDLE Orange albeit a bit faded with adjuster some marks but nothing deep £55




Other Makes

CCL18 WRIGHTS MATTRESS unusual pre-war saddle favoured by some riders in the 1930s £39






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