Classic Corner is for pre-1970 parts and accessories.

Please note that older aluminium bars should be checked carefully and frequently for cracks especially if there is scoring on or near the clamp area.

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In the Classic Corner era (pre-1970) most Cinelli bars were steel though from the early 1960s they produced some aluminium bars which unlike the later ones were not anodised – I occasionally have these. They mostly have a 25.4mm clamp diameter though a few are 26.4mm like the aluminium Cinelli bars.

Sorry none at present

GB stood for Gerry Burgess founder and owner of GB Cycle Components. GB launched their first products just after WWII ended – handlebars and stems were slightly later I think from about 1948 onwards.

CCHB8 GB 38.5cm wide ctc 25.4mm bar clamp diameter Not sure what shape but quite shallow SOLD but have similar





CCHB16 AMBROSIO CHAMPION 37cm wide ctc 26mm clamp diameter Excellent £35


This is the same Reynolds that made 531 frame tubing. Reynolds launched their aluminium bars and stems in 1935 and continued well into the 1950s. They also made some steel bars.

CCHB28 REYNOLDS NORTH ROAD FLAT SHAPE 22mm clamp. 48cm ctc wide excellent £75



Strata like GB was founded soon after WWII and made a range of aluminium cycle parts including brakes, handlebars, stems and seatposts. They did not last into the 1960s.

CCHB36 STRATA MAES 36.5cm wide ctc 24.5mm clamp diameter 1940s/50s a little scoring around the clamp area but otherwise very good £30


CCHB39 STRATA TANDEM 45cm wide ctc 25.4mm clamp diameter Very good to excellent £35



Titan was a Belgian company making bars and stems from the 1930s through to the early 1970s.

CCHB51 TITAN MAES KINT 38cm wide ctc 27mm bar clamp diameter 1950s Very good some marks to sleeve SOLD but have other similar ones available



Many of the pre-WWII shape handlebars were also made just after WWII…

CCHB55 PRE-WAR VERY SQUARE TYPE BARS possibly SHAWBURY 43.5cm wide clamp and bar diameter 22.2mm probably Reynolds, aluminium in very good condition, rare shape £85


CCHB57 SHIRLEY STEEL 1930s 43.5cm wide ctc 23.5mm clamp diameter Excellent £45



Some of the shapes we think of as being from the 1940s and 50s such as Binda and Pelissier were also made earlier in the 30s so its difficult to be categoric about the exact age…

CCHB70 NONAME ALUMINIUM 37cm wide ctc 25.4mm clamp diameter fairly square shape but not as much as the standard Maes very good condition £20


CCHB71 MAES 37cm wide ctc 1950s 25.4mm clamp diameter a couple of light scores but very good £25


CCHB72 DAWES CONCORDE 1950s Not engraved 39cm wide ctc quite a lot of scoring hence SOLD but have other similar ones


CCHB73 DAWES CONCORDE 38cm wide ctc 1950s 25.4mm clamp diameter similar in shape the classic South of France, scoring on clamp and engraved area not recommended for riding £20


CCHB77A IL PRIMO (HOLDSWORTHY) GIRO DI SICILIA 40cm wide ctc 25.4mm clamp diameter Very good some marks to centre sleeve £33


CCHB78 STEEL TRACK BARS 38.5cm wide ctc 25.4mm clamp diameter grips have been shortened quite a bit and there is rust pitting but I think these bars are probably Cinelli £43


CCHB79 MILREMO GRAN SPORT 36cm wide ctc 25.4mm clamp diameter engraving is faint and there is some pitting £35

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UK: £6
Europe: £9
North America: £12
Rest of World: £14


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