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Lyotard pedals were in the late 1950s and 1960s available with two lengths of pedal threads – short to suit steel cranks and long for aluminium cranks. In practice there is generally never a problem with running the short thread cranks in aluminium cranks as long as the crank threads are sound. Long threaded pedals in steel cranks will protrude beyond the pedal eye of the cranks. Some aluminium cranks eg early Campag and early TA need short threaded pedals in order to prevent the rear blanking pieces being pushed out.

All pedals listed have British threads unless stated otherwise.

CONDITION: We do not strip pedals to check on bearing condition, there are not enough hours in a day to do this but do try and assess whether they will need servicing. We do have small stocks of spare parts for some English made pedals. Old pedals often show some bearing wear but with fresh grease and ball bearings can in most cases be made to be reasonably smooth and reliable but obviously not suited for high mileage continuous use…

Please contact me at: to check on availability and confirm shipping cost.

PLEASE NOTE that you get exactly what is in the pictures, not more or less unless specified differently in the text.



CPL1 CHATER-LEA SPRINT PEDALS ** New Old Stock** in original box perfect £245


CPL1A CHATER-LEA SPRINT PEDALS Good bearings feel excellent some corrosion to chrome barrels £55


CPL3 SHEFFIELD SPRINT 673 QUILL PEDALS Late 50s/60s Aluminium quill and very light Excellent quality ** New Old Stock** £89


CPL11B LYOTARD MB23 MARCEL BERTHET PLATFORM PEDALS short threads for steel cranks bearings 1950s–60s a real classic design that was made from the 1930s through to to the 1980s with small changes some patina but still looking good SOLD but have others available, please enquire


CPL14 PHILLIPS PHILITE 1940s–50s bearings feel smooth some corrosion on the centre barrel of one pedal £39




CCA2 PATURAUD TOESTRAPS ** New Old Stock** choice of green, red, or blue excellent, some have traces of corrosion to clips )No yellow or natural available now) £65

Shipping costs:

UK: £4
Europe: £7
North America: £10
Rest of World: £12

The figures above are
estimates, rates may change in
special circimstances.
Contact us for more info.

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