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Indexed gears generally need to be part of a matched system. Please ask for advice if you want to check whether a particular combination will work.

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Shimano Front Derailleurs



SGF5 SHIMANO DURA-ACE 7410 FRONT GEAR braze-on Very good to excellent £28


SGF5B SHIMANO DURA-ACE 7403 FRONT GEAR braze-on ** New Old Stock**in box £44


SGF7A SHIMANO 600 ARABESQUE FRONT GEAR 1978–82 Excellent SOLD but have others available


SGF8 SHIMANO 600 AX FRONT DERAILLEUR clip-on Excellent £28


SGF8A was SGF5 SHIMANO 600AX clip-on 1980–83 very good £22


SGF9 SHIMANO 600 NEW Braze-on 1983–6 Excellent £26


SGF11B SHIMANO 600 ULTEGRA 6401 TRICOLOUR Braze-on very good to excellent £26


SGF14 SHIMANO 105 1050 Clip-on Excellent £24


SGF14B SHIMANO 105 1050 Clip-on Very good £22


SGF15A SHIMANO 105 1055 Clip-on Very good £22


SGF15B SHIMANO 105 1055 Braze-on Excellent £24


SGF16A SHIMANO 105 1056 Braze-on Very good a little wear to inner cage £20


SGF16B SHIMANO 105 1056 Braze-on Excellent £20


SGF17 SHIMANO 105 5500 deep cage for triple Clip-on Excellent £24


SGF17A SHIMANO 105 5500 Braze-on Excellent £24


SGF20 SHIMANO SANTE Braze-on Very good to excellent £26


SGF22 SHIMANO DEORE DX FRONT GEAR clip-on c1992 34.9mm clip ** New Old Stock** £29


SGF23SHIMANO SORA FD3400 FRONT GEAR braze-on 9spd Excellent £20


SGF24 SHIMANO DEORE DX FRONT GEAR clip-on c1992 28.6mm clip slightly used £26


SGF25 SHIMANO ATB DEORE DEERHEAD FRONT GEAR M700 Clip-on 28.6mm c1985 almost unused £43

Shipping costs:

UK: £4
Europe: £9
North America: £11
Rest of World: £14

The figures above are
estimates, rates may change in
special circimstances.
Contact us for more info.

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