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CONDITION: We do not strip pedals to check on bearing condition, there are not enough hours in a day to do this but do try and assess whether they will need servicing. We do have small stocks of spare parts for some English made pedals. Old pedals often show some bearing wear but with fresh grease and ball bearings can in most cases be made to be reasonably smooth and reliable but obviously not suited for high mileage continuous use…

All pedals are English threaded unless stated otherwise in the description.

Please contact me at: hilarystone@hilarystone.com to check on availability and confirm shipping cost.


CPL1 CHATER-LEA SPRINT PEDALS ** New Old Stock** in original box perfect £225




Sorry none at present


BSA and CONSTRICTOR BSA were considered in the first half of the 20th century to make the bet pedals money could buy. Originally Constrictor bought in pedals from France but in 1933 started to source their pedals from BSA.

CPL2B CONSTRICTOR COBRA PEDALS 1940s–50s Quite a lot of patination but basically very sound £65


CPL2C BSA SOLID CENTRE RUBBER PEDALS 1930s Very good, chrome shows quite a bit of patination but extremely rare £125


CPL2D CONSTRICTOR BOA PEDALS 1940s–50s Quite a lot of patination but basically very sound £85


CPL2E BSA DOUBLE SIDED PEDALS 1930s Very good and really rather rare £125



CPL3 BRAMPTON B8 PEDALS Very good with some patination to chrome £45


CPL3A BRAMPTON B8 need rechroming or painting but basically sound £29



ALLEZ Allez was trademark of the Holdsworthy company and the pedals were available from c1947–55. They are really nicely made with good quality bearings.

CPL4 ALLEZ QUILL PEDALS beautiful aluminium pedalsVery good to excellent £125


CPL4A ALLEZ PEDALS Very good £95



PHILLIPS QUILL In the late 1940s Philips introduced a range of top quality pedals.

CPL5A PHILIPS QUILL PEDALS chrome cage and centres Very good to excellent £39




CPL5B PHILITE RUBBER FACED PEDALS A good quality rubber pedal in very sound condition but one needs a replacement rubber – these do turn up £15


CPL5E PHILLIPS PHILITE 1940s–50s bearings feel smooth some corrosion on the centre barrel of one pedal £39




Sorry none at present



Sorry none at present



Sorry none at present





OTHER – Hobbs, Strata etc

CPL20 ROGER PIEL PEDALS c1953 These French made pedals were claimed to be the lightest pedal (275g a pair) available back in the early 1950s – they have plain bronze bearings rather than ball bearings. Roger Piel pedals were used by several riders in the 1953 Tour de France. They look to be only very lightly used. £195


CPL21 UNION SINGLE SIDED TRACK PEDALS Plating is poor but otherwise sound, a rare pedal £35


CPL23 SHEFFIELD SPRINT PISTA TRACK 1950s/60s were mostly sold in the UK under the Nolicattaneo name and sold through Evian, the Stronglight and Simplex importers. Plating is very poor and the bearings need attention. Really rather rare. £59


CPL24 SHEFFIELD SPRINT 673 QUILL PEDALS Late 50s/60s Aluminium quill and very light Excellent quality ** New Old Stock** £89



CPL22 FRENCH DOUBLE SIDED RATTRAP PEDALS FRENCH PEDAL THREADS Nickel plated but plating is poor sound £24


PL61D LYOTARD 45 CA QUILL PEDALS 1950s/60s FRENCH 14 x 1.25 THREADS short for steel cranks Excellent £45

Shipping costs:

UK: £4
Europe: £8
North America: £11
Rest of World: £14

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estimates,rates may change in
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