SEATPOSTS: 27.4mm & 27.2mm

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I try and keep in stock all sizes between 25.0mm and 27.4mm in 0.2mm increments plus a few of the larger oversize seatposts.

The important length dimension is rails to limit marks – different manufacturers have different ideas on how much needs to be inserted into a frame. If the length is specially critical please ask me to double check as the measurements given are approx – normally should be within ± 5mm. If there is no limit mark I have assumed to leave 60mm in the frame.. If there is no limit mark I have assumed to leave 60mm in the frame.

Please check the seatpost size you need carefully – its very common for frames to have been fitted with seatposts smaller than they should have. This results in the seat lug ears being squashed and the seat tube is then put under extra stress often resulting in cracks starting from the base of the slit. Seatposts should be a tight sliding fit.

I cannot accept returns where new seatposts have been fitted and marked.

PLEASE LOOK at the large version of the pictures – that will give you the best idea of condition.

27.4mm Seatposts
Frames made from 753 with Imperial sized tubing (1983 onwards), Tange Prestige all should use a 27.4mm seatpost. 531 double butted frames which have been carefully brazed with minimal distortion should also use a 27.4mm seatpost…


SP1A KALLOY 27.4mm 115mm rails to limit ** New Old Stock** £22


27.2mm Seatposts
The most common size on lightweight steel frames made with double butted tubing…


The Campagnolo Record seatpost design was first introduced in 1957 as the Gran Sport and in a thin-walled steel version. When I have any of these they are to be found in Classic Corner seatposts. The aluminium version was introduced around 1959 and was known as the Record. The font is smaller on most seatposts made in the 1960s. The Two-bolt Super Record fluted seatpost was introduced around 1972–3. In about 1977 Campag engraved the seatposts with a limit mark. In 1978 they also introduced the single bolt fluted Super Record seatpost. The two types of Super Record seatpost overlapped in production for a year or two. The classic two-bolt seatpost was also sold as the Gran Sport to go with the Nuovo Gran Sport Group – this was sometimes finished less well than the Record ones but with used posts it almost impossible to identify a Gran Sport seatpost…

SP2B CAMPAGNOLO RECORD 27.2mm 1970s 155mm rails to limit no limit mark the lower section has been reduced in size a little – its just over 27.0mm now – ideal where a 27.2mm is a bit of a tight fit… SOLD but have others available




Sorry none at present





SP4C CAMPAGNOLO SHORT RECORD MILLED and CONTI ENGRAVED 27.2mm 110mm rails to limit mark Excellent £65


CAMPAGNOLO C-RECORD SEATPOSTS 1985 onwards The early aero ones were engraved but this was dropped about 1988–89The round version is rarer…

Sorry none in stock at present


These were all identical in the 1980s and until at about 1988 were engraved…

SP6C CAMPAGNOLO AERO SEATPOST late 1980s/early 1990s 155mm rails to limit Excellent SOLD but have other similar ones



Sorry none at present



SP11 LOOK SEATPOST 27.2mm 180mm rails to limit mark Excellent as new £49


SP11A USE CARBON AERO SEATPOST 27.2mm 180–240mm length from rails £45




Sorry none at present



OTHER MAKES 27.2mm seatposts

SP16A SR TWO-BOLT (CAMPAG TYPE) ROYAL 27.2mm 135mm rails to limit ** New Old Stock** complete with spanner £43


SP21 Noname Black Inline
27.2mm 130mm rails to limit mark, ** NEW AND UNUSED** £10


SP22 3TTT BLACK MTB SEATPOST 27.2mm 1980s 245mm rails to limit mark Excellent £32


SP27 3TTT 1st TYPE (2-bolt) 1970s 135mm rails to limit Very good £28


SP29 KALLOY FLUTED SEATPOST 27.2mm 135mm rails to limit Excellent £17

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Europe: £8
North America: £10
Worldwide: £14

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